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Help the Cats

Justin Brozanski’s family has a motto: Kindness will save the world but angry gets shit done. And, after the sudden death of his beloved cat, Meowgi, Justin’s heart filled with an incredible amount of anger—not only for the unfairness of his son’s passing but for the injustices he saw for the over 90,000 feral cats and kittens on the streets of Orlando/Central Florida. Now dedicated to socializing and finding forever homes for those once considered “unadoptable,” Justin harnesses his fifteen years of marketing, project managing, professional writing, and storytelling experience for the sake of animal welfare and a better future for feline Orlandoans.


While Justin is not actually running for Mayor of Orlando on a Cat platform, he asks you consider this: open your hearts, your time—even your wallets, if you are fortunate and motivated enough to give—and help him and his talent-rich team turn that ninety-thousand into a zero.

If you came here with the intention of voting for Brozanski, then he supposes you could still write him in during election season. Please keep in mind, he has no idea what a mayor actually does. Does anyone though?

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Show Your Support

Brozanski for Cats is relying on the support of our community and cat lovers like you to keep helping the cats of Orlando. Will you make an online contribution today?

(Donating to a political campaign is not tax-deductible but donating to a nonprofit is).

All of our cats are:



We don’t use cages for maximum socialization.


Locally Sourced

We work with downtown Orlando TNR groups for rehoming.



All cats are spayed or neutered and vaccinated.

All of our cats come with:


Live Support

New to cats? Cat being extra-cat-weird? Shoot us a message and we're happy to answer any questions we can.


Transition Timeline

Receive an exit package that includes a timeline and advice for transitioning your cat into their new home.


Regular Check-Ins

We follow up with you after 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months for updates.

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Check out some fun products produced by local Orlando artists!


B4C Koozie

Available at Events!


Buddy Dyer
Cat Scratcher


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Corporate Kitten Cuddle Hour

For a donation, we'll being kittens to your local downtown Orlando business for one hour of cuddle and play time! Reduce stress, add joy, help cats!

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Capybara Campaign

Under Brozanski for Cats’ leadership, the city will make significant investments in local wildlife and our environment. And not just with cats! We’ll begin by sourcing capybaras from the Everglades and rehoming them to Lake Eola, thus helping to reduce the population of an invasive species in that ecosystem. This project will revitalize and benefit our downtown main street district in the following ways:


• Increase downtown tourism.

• Slow traffic on Robinson to accommodate wandering amphibious rodents.

• Capybaras are less aggressive than geese.

• During breeding season - baby capybaras!


Future Mayor Brozanski and his team look forward to creating a unique and animal-friendly Orlando.

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Political parody approved by Brozanski for Cats for Orlando Mayor, Non-partisan

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