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FIV+ seems scary and something that a potential adopter would want to avoid, especially if they already have cats in their home. But it's not a condition that should cause a cat to be overlooked! FIV+ is only transmissible through a bite or sex, and is highly unlikely to be transferred in most group cat settings. The biggest concern is a that an FIV+ cat has a compromised immune system, so monitoring their health is a large part of their care. They will take longer to heal from illness or surgical procedures, and are at higher risk for developing gingivitis and dental issues. Otherwise, they are wonderful, happy, loving, incredible cats that deserve as much love as all the others!


Noel is an FIV+ senior feral, found living in a trailer park, covered in full-body mange. He was successfully treated, neutered, and given a clean bill of health. He instantly took to our socialization program and integrated right away. He waited his whole life to be loved and now he spends his days on piles of pillows, curled in laps, and simply longs to be held. Sometimes we call him, "teddy bear" as he'll lay in your arms for hours. He's also great to take on outings and hangs out at local pet-friendly haunts, enjoying all the attention from strangers. He's living a fantastic retirement, well-deserved.

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